Sunday, 6 June 2010

what does 'photography mean to me?

A photograph tells 1000 words, photographs can hold a sense of magic, with the help of Photoshop they can become something almost unattainable.
I really enjoy photography and trying to capture that perfect moment in time, to be held forever. In a way a photograph holds many of the things that I want my business to represent. A good photograph can be looked back on years later and ignite the senses of that time. You remember the sounds, the smells, the way you felt about the people that meant a lot to you at that time.
Even when you’re not in a GOOD photograph and you look at past photographs of someone you love or care about, it still ignites these emotions. When I look back on photographs of my grandmother when she was a girl I interpret and imagine the way she felt, the look in her eyes, her emotions at that time. The story behind the smile.
Within my photo shoots that follow I wanted to fire up people imagination. I want them imagine how each of my ‘Pretty Ladies’ felt, what’s going on behind her eyes. I also tried to make them look as if there from a different time, trying to turn each photograph into an escape from the busy lifestyles of today. To a place of imagination and wonder, wear dreams can become a reality.

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