Sunday, 8 August 2010

Camden Market

Brought my mama a lovely pair of earrings from this stall, the owner was amazing really friendly and contagiously happy.
I have a major love for old leather suitcase and trunks. where have they been? what are the story's behind there travels?
this was a beautifully messy vintage junk shop full of treasures, hours could easily be wasted rummaging through the piles of different collections.
The vintage furniture was amazing, real statement pieces!
My scrummy lunch
I brought a dress and jumper from this little store!! it is full of amazing designs and everything is there own design and had printed I had a amazing day! and got some amazing things to take to uni with me, met so many creative and talented people, took way to may pictures, smiled all day, had lots of stops for cups of tea and loved every second.

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