Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My last project made me think a lot about the heart, and what it maenad to me. As well as giving me a opportunity to delve into the minds of others to understand what heart really means to them. Is it a representation of love and other emotions or is it a vital function we cannot live without. Is there a common ground between the two?
I found it strange that whenever i asked people about heart they didn't mention the function, even though without it we could not live. Does that mean that sometimes peoples emotions are stronger than simply functioning? Is love that important to us that we wouldn't want to live without it?

There are so many types of love and they can all become so complicated.
Unconditional love, how far would you go for someone that you loved unconditionally?
Love is such a strong emotion it somewhat controls are other emotions when you in love with someone no matter what type of love
be it love for a friend
family love
romantic love
that person that you love then has the power to hurt you but also has the power to make you happy.

I found this photograph on flickr and i think it represents the confusion about love and heart. check out the photo stream the others are amazing!!

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