Thursday, 30 September 2010

i need a little rant

okay i have five minutes before i have to go to lectures, thats enough time to rant right??
so the past few weeks i have gone from being a girl who has to go to sleep at ten or else is wayy too tired, to being the girl who physically cant sleep until 3 am and yet still wakes up 8 am or earlier. and now i am begining to feel the full effects :( im soo tired and have soo much work to do! i allso have not done anything creative in ages and it is zaping my energy!! i need to do something messy something that i can get stuck into! something that dosnt have to be correct!! something that just is!!
okay rant over!! hope you all have a lovely day!! and please remember to take the time for a spot of tea and yummy biscuit

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