Saturday, 9 October 2010

Dear blog, oohh how i have missed you !!

i keep thinking of amazing blog ideas and then time either runs away from me or i get scared as i haven't blogged in so long. Which to me is not a good enough excuse! so this morning i have dyed my hair back red and I'm back!! and ooo i have so much to say!! the major points are:
1. i LOVE uni
2. I'm getting TATTOO
3. i LOVE the style that has appeared this season
4. i am ONE VERY LUCKY lady!!

okay so basically i am head over heels in love with life at the moment!! i am doing the most amazing course at uni and get to emerge myself in fashion and style every single day! FABNESSES!! my room is fab and feels so me, my flat mates are unbelievably lovely!!! and everyone i have met are just amazing, everyone has fab style!!
The prince is as amazing as always and makes me smile at least 50 times a day!!!!!!! i LOVE him!!
I'm going to do a whole post on how amazing this seasons style is!! it makes my heart beat faster.
And i have found my dream tattoo and I'm going to book it for over Christmas, I'm going to keep it as a cheeky surprise!!
so as i said above i am one very lucky lady!

count the things you feel lucky for every day :) there will always be some and that's yet another excuse to smile like the Cheshire cat!!!!!!

the photo is from last week and i just love that everyone is properly grinning :)!!

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