Thursday, 28 October 2010

ooo i will ramble on and on...

Scarf £1 cancer research

jumpsuit £13 primark

So my life the past three weeks has been taken over my a styling project which was fab!! but i was so crazy busy with all my sketchbook work, i need to get soo much better with my time keeping!!!! as soon as i get the photographs from the final photo shoot i will share them with you lovely people. I get my new brief today and all i know is its based on photography VERY VERY exciting!

other aspects of uni life... I am still loving it. but god i never knew that i could be this tired! had two hours sleep last night and that's when i was trying to get a early night :O!! Ive been meeting even more amazing people. And as for not having Any money for all the yummy new trends about well that brings a tear to my eye :'(, nah I'm lying I'm actually really enjoying the challenge of finding bargains.

i explored into town yesterday and accidentally brought these two treats.
hope your all having a lovely excitement filled week! and looking forward to the treat that is Halloween.

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