Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Today i have been looking at some of the people i admire on this world wide web! and wow they make me crazy determined. Just a couple of these amazingly inspirational people are
Rosie Hardy her photos are truly beautiful
herecomesthesun blog brings a smile to my day
drifter and the gypsy blog she has sooo many followers and amazing determination yet she is younger than me truly inspiring!
so for me its plenty more sleepless nights of hard work and endless creating, to attempt to make my dreams a reality.
The image is a photo i took when me and two beautiful girls went out on a freezing photo shoot, the girl with the camera is reo, watch out for her she is amazingly talented photographer. I like capturing someone capturing there own image, there is something about it that intrigues me , but i cant put my finger on it .

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