Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Mandy Lynne

While looking at another of my favourite blogs (which is written by a 16 year old photographer oh my! ). I found some photographs by Mandy Lynne and they honestly took my breath away . I googled her and found hat she has her own amazing website with blog shop and portfolio. What i loved most was her photo series that all tell there own story's i think this is so clever. It was so hard to choose my favourite images but here's a few. enjoy.
This photograph is her and her husband on there 12th wedding anniversary. I think shes really captured the love and happiness within the image

I dont have a clue how she achieved this image but it is truly magical. I would love to find out how its done.

These last photos make me smile, there so fun. Sometimes we think to much about how to create something and it looses all its fun.

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