Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Outfit post number one.

Me being in front of the camera is usually a massive no no. i end up talking or laughing and all in all not looking to beautiful. So you will have to bare with me while i try and get the hang of taking outfit pictures. No one ever explains the difficulty of trying to take photos of yourself... firstly i couldn't find anything to lean the camera on, then when i finally did i couldn't get the timing right and kept running back and forth like a headless chicken... then i started to hear laughing and cheering and realised the builders next door where could see me and where laughing at my attempts to pose (yes i did you like a champion idiot). Eventually I did get some barely decent photographs with only a few battle scars. Despite the madness of taking my first outfit photograph i am aiming to do more!!! (help me) so stay tuned ;)

Any way back to the main purpose of this post, the outfit!
shorts, topshop, present from santa
blouse, asos, January sales treat
tights, primark
wedges, new look

1 comment:

  1. i fancy you.

    oh myyyy no serious i love this post! nooo are they shorts? i thinkkkk i may of seen them in London but at firts i thought it was this skirt from AmericanApperal.. ooo its that berry colour we love! you look fabbb i realy really do like this outfit! see you sooooon!

    love random blogger haha xxxxxx