Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fill my little world right up

Ive been struggling for inspiration today, despite having so much work that i need to do for college (bit of a bummer really). So Ive been searching through all the different things that tend the fill my little world with inspiration .
My inspiration searches include:
  • Vogue for all the pretty pictures and amazing creative's.
  • Photographs that i have taken, looking back over memories.
  • My inspiration wall (i will post about this very soon).
  • Beautiful Books.
  • Blogs, Blogs and yet more Blogs.
  • My random things box, this i a gigantic cardboard box that i hoard everything that could be of interest to me inn the future, or could be used in my next creation. It contains old jewellery, magazine articles, packaging, ribbons, lace, photographs, flowers, broken objects, stamps and many other random delights.
  • getting myself out and about, be it hiking into the hills with my cheeky dog, or jumping on a train to Manchester.

I think that's one of the greatest things about inspiration, it can come from anywhere as long as your willing to be inspired.

where do you find your inspiration?

i wanted to share a few of the little gems i found which i had forgotten about. I took these photos on a trip to Cornwall last year. I love to experiment with colour and the way in which it can completely change the mood of an image.

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