Wednesday, 28 April 2010

life is a fairytale

0ne morning, Jocasta woke up with a odd feeling. Her back was tickling. Tickle and itch, itch and tickle. Jocasta sat up. Two small bumps had grown between her shoulder blades. How they tickled and tormented her! She heard a noise like eggs cracking. She felt a sharp pain, followed by a unfurling feeling. Wings!. ....
'i found happy ever after, Jocasta' he peeped, 'but its a long way off. Even if you could escape from here , you couldn't walk that far.'
'Then ill fly' said Jocasta, and she showed him her wings.
'They're wonderful!' cried Birdo,perching on her finger.

BIRDO, by Henrieta Branford and Wayne Anderson, which was one of my favourite books as a child because of its amazing illustrations and inspired my photo above.

The photograph is my own work not to be used without my permission.

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