Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday blues

Today didn't start of the best to put it mildly. I'm putting that down to the Monday blues, i think i may be feeling this way because how wonderful the weekend has been. I spent the entire weekend with the prince doing beautiful summery things and creating pretty things.
My weekend included:

  • hugs

  • walking the max the moose (my amazing black Labrador)

  • laying in the sun

  • BBQ with amazing beautiful people

  • a trip to ikea

  • photo shop, the result of which i have posted above.

Hope you all had a wonderfully beautiful weekend too.

The image is a photograph i took when i went up to solomens temple for a vintage/ run away bride style photo shoot, im very new to photo shope so im still just experimenting, id love any comments or tips .

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