Wednesday, 28 April 2010

life is a fairytale

0ne morning, Jocasta woke up with a odd feeling. Her back was tickling. Tickle and itch, itch and tickle. Jocasta sat up. Two small bumps had grown between her shoulder blades. How they tickled and tormented her! She heard a noise like eggs cracking. She felt a sharp pain, followed by a unfurling feeling. Wings!. ....
'i found happy ever after, Jocasta' he peeped, 'but its a long way off. Even if you could escape from here , you couldn't walk that far.'
'Then ill fly' said Jocasta, and she showed him her wings.
'They're wonderful!' cried Birdo,perching on her finger.

BIRDO, by Henrieta Branford and Wayne Anderson, which was one of my favourite books as a child because of its amazing illustrations and inspired my photo above.

The photograph is my own work not to be used without my permission.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Ive had such a lovely time taking pictures of these two beautiful girls, there so happy and smiley. And amazingly comfortable in front of the camera, here are just a few of the results, an unedited taster.

My photo interpretations

My family tree

Memory's and ways to treasure a memory fascinate me. I believe there is nothing more special you can give someone then something that holds/represents a treasured memory. The above is my own work (not to be copied) and is my family tree, the background of the countryside represents personal memory's of each side of the family. The magic of these books truly cant be seen through the photographs. I can also be commissioned to make these books, for a special gift, to remember that moment, as a family tree, possibilities are endless. If you are at all interested in having your own personal book or something similar created just message me.

Here comes the sun

Its my day off college today and I'm still up bright and early the sun is shining and begging me to take photos, paint pictures, dance and sing. I'm picking up my two favourite little girly wiggles from school later to do a little photo shoot with. Which I'm very very excited about, as i haven't done much photography work with anyone under the age of 17.

Don't you love the fact the sun puts you in a good mood.

here comes the sun is one of my all time favourite songs, i love this image.

here comes the sun
here comes the sun n i say its alright
little darling, its been a long and lonely winter
little darling it feels like years since its been here
here comes the sun
here comes the sun n i say its alright

little, darling the smiles returning to the faces

All so here comes the sun is one of my very favourite blogs
She it a very talented blogger, her blog allway's finds a way to make me smile.
I will dedicate a post to her very soon .

Hope you all enjoy a very sunny and happy Tuesday

Monday, 26 April 2010

beautiful lyrics to a beautiful song.

been up all night staring at you

wondering whats on your mind

its been this way with so many before

but this feels like the very first time

you want the sunrise to go back to bed

i want to make you laugh

mess up my bed with me

kick of the covers I'm waiting

every word i think i should write down

don't want to forget come daylight

happy to lay here

just happy to be here

I'm happy to know you

play me a song

your newest one

please leave your taste on my tongue

paperweight on my back

cover me like a blanket


and no need to worry

that's wasting time

and no need to wonder whats been on my mind

its you

its you

its you


messy bed and guitar

love and lost love...

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In one of my daydream moments i did a search for 'love' in google images, the last image is the top result, and i love it.So simple but amazingly effective. So ive attempted my own take on this photo, and then i got to thinking what about if that love was lost , these are my unedited results.
the last photo is by pink sherbot photography on flickr.

Tim walker

wow, Tim Walkers images leave me speechless and trust me that doesn't happen very often. He has brought a new style to photography, a style that takes me away on a cloud to a land of dreams, a land of creativity and wonder.

Monday blues

Today didn't start of the best to put it mildly. I'm putting that down to the Monday blues, i think i may be feeling this way because how wonderful the weekend has been. I spent the entire weekend with the prince doing beautiful summery things and creating pretty things.
My weekend included:

  • hugs

  • walking the max the moose (my amazing black Labrador)

  • laying in the sun

  • BBQ with amazing beautiful people

  • a trip to ikea

  • photo shop, the result of which i have posted above.

Hope you all had a wonderfully beautiful weekend too.

The image is a photograph i took when i went up to solomens temple for a vintage/ run away bride style photo shoot, im very new to photo shope so im still just experimenting, id love any comments or tips .

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dear John

I went to see dear john at the pictures tonight, and yes i cried from start to end. Its left me thinking about romance and what we take for granted, who i love and who loves me. i feel more grateful then ever that i have found my prince and so grateful for the happiness and love he makes me feel.
love can truly set you free.

Grease is the word

It was my friends birthday on Monday, and we all adventured out to a 70s and 80s night. I have to admit i got a bit of disco fever, and cheesely danced the night away. while we where there the songs from grease came on and i may have got a bit over excited. when i woke up a bit worse for wear on the Tuesday morning, i started thinking about the styling of grease, and watched the film again. i really do love it! I tried to find some freezes that inspire me from a styling point of view.

what films inspire your style?

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Blackpool photos unedited.

I have had such an amazing day, the sun has been shining, the sea was glistening and my friends where laughing. Ive not had time to probably look through my photographs or edit any yet, but here's a little taste. enjoy.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Today I'm of to Blackpool to take some pictures for my latest project. i am sooo exciting just hoping the sun continues to shine. i have my Sunny's prepared. I know that means it will probably rain but no harm in wishing eh?

the outfit :
top: river island
waistcoat: Camden market
cardigan: primark
skirt and leggings : H & M
short necklace: Vivianne Westwood
other necklaces: primark and charity shops
Sunny's: primark

Have a lovely day, ill post my pictures tonight.

Fill my little world right up

Ive been struggling for inspiration today, despite having so much work that i need to do for college (bit of a bummer really). So Ive been searching through all the different things that tend the fill my little world with inspiration .
My inspiration searches include:
  • Vogue for all the pretty pictures and amazing creative's.
  • Photographs that i have taken, looking back over memories.
  • My inspiration wall (i will post about this very soon).
  • Beautiful Books.
  • Blogs, Blogs and yet more Blogs.
  • My random things box, this i a gigantic cardboard box that i hoard everything that could be of interest to me inn the future, or could be used in my next creation. It contains old jewellery, magazine articles, packaging, ribbons, lace, photographs, flowers, broken objects, stamps and many other random delights.
  • getting myself out and about, be it hiking into the hills with my cheeky dog, or jumping on a train to Manchester.

I think that's one of the greatest things about inspiration, it can come from anywhere as long as your willing to be inspired.

where do you find your inspiration?

i wanted to share a few of the little gems i found which i had forgotten about. I took these photos on a trip to Cornwall last year. I love to experiment with colour and the way in which it can completely change the mood of an image.