Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Adventures of the weekend and Car madness

OK so, so far my challenge has not gone well, but i have pretty good excuses!
On Thursday me and the mother found an amazing last minute deal to go to a spa for the weekend, for some muma and baba time before uni.

we set off from buxton at nine, and when we were ten minutes away from the spa which is 2 hours away from our house, we had to stop on the motorway because i get really bad car sickness, when i was feeling slightly better and looking a little less green, i got back in the car and we attempted to start the engine and.... nothing.

we continued to try until we realised nothing was going to happen, so we rang the lovely RAC people, and they said it would be up to 3 hours until anyone would be able to get to us. At this point the heavens open and the rain began. To anyone else this would be hell, but me and mum had wanted to go away without any boys for none stop chat, and chat we did the three hours flew by but the problem was id forgotten breakfast and it was getting on to two o'clock so i was beginning to get pretty peckish :(.

Then i really cheery RAC man named Kevin arrived and did all the car business and then made that scary hissing sucking in of breath noise that makes you feel like you've been kicked in the stomach. and said it was the time belt and the car would have to be towed home and would cost over 700 to repair (trust me are car isn't even worth 700). And that wed have to wait for a RAC man with a tow truck, which would take another hour and a half. at this point me and the mother began to panic slightly, because the thought of traveling the 2 hours home after waiting only ten minutes away from our luxurious weekend to swap cars and drive back was just to much! that would have meant that the whole journey would have taken over ten hours. but luckily when the tow man arrived he told us he'd take us to the spa on the tow truck :) so me and mum became all excited and giggly again.

When we arrived me and mum where overwhelmed, because if you knew me or mum you'd realise spas arn't really where you'd usually find us especially not a four star resort (thank god for last minute.com and its amazing deals) my mum spends her days walking through the countryside in wellies and a massive waterproof for work. so we felt so posh!!! it was great!! the room was amazing it had a TV twice the size of our one at home.
Then began one of the best weekends of my life! It was amazing to properly relax which i can admit I'm really bad at and just spend time with my mum!! the best mum in the world may i add.

The picture was what we decided was the cure for a day car madness ;)

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