Tuesday, 27 July 2010

what should be on my packing list for university?

It has only just hit me how soon university is!
my dairy for the next 6 weeks is getting packed!!
it goes something like this:
babysit 3 dogs
away with the boy
visit may lovely gran
friends from Somerset stay at ours
big family holiday with aunties grandparents etc
AND THEN BAM!!! its the 14th of September and I'm off to university and this scares the heebee jeebees out of me! i am going to miss the boy way too much!! but I'm also so excited, about all the opportunity's it will open up for me and for the business More than a Memory!

What are the major things i should defiantly have on my list to pack for university?

Any other tips for the change to university living away from home and all of that jazz?

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  1. EEEE Exciting! Are you coming to uni here in Manchester? What are you going to study? I went to uni in Leeds, some of it was horrible but mostly it was great! I hope you enjoy it. I'm not sure what you should pack - lots of nice home comforts maybe X