Tuesday, 27 July 2010

cuz im Under the weather, just like the world

Today I've been feeling a little bit under the weather, and the actual weather outside didn't help its been one of those days where it is dark all day. And everyone seems miserable. I tried again to get photo shop working on my broken laptop and it just loaded for over 3 hours and never opened so i couldn't shrink the photos to upload my new products to etsy or folksy, which was a little bit annoying to say the least.

Ive spent my day designing, emailing and blogging as well as trying to sort the problem of none existent money to expand my business :/, I've been looking into funding which is very stressy anyone got any advice or experience setting up a creative business?

anyway my day has considerably cheered up by the boy picking me up and taking me to his, he has three brothers and the loveliest muma and papa in the world. as you can guess from there being four boys the house is never quite and i love it!! you just cant be miserable in this house as someone will make you laugh whether you like it or not. we've had a BBQ and chilled in the garden while the papa and one of the brothers made a fence. the boy cleaned some fancy car parts and i took pictures of the pretty flowers that have come out over the past two weeks. Its starting to go dark now so I'm sat on the sofa in my Jim jams waiting for big brother to come on :) (my very guilty pleasure, i love it!!)

I'm off camping with all of the boys family at the weekend, im very excited!! there will be 22 of us, ill blog more on that one at some point.
Does anyone know how i can blog from a blackberry??

photos are of the boys mamas pretty garden

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