Sunday, 4 July 2010

Divine trash

I wanted to thank Divine Trash for promoting my work as part of the Buxton Arts Trail. But i also want to take the chance to blog about divine trash!!! as it is one of my absolute favourite shops, and to make it better its in my own little home town Buxton.
Divine Trash opened its doors in 2006 and was a immediate hit, with a beautiful range of unique and fashionable branded clothing. But more than this, going into the shop is always really enjoyable due to the amazingly friendly staff, who are happy to help with anything and really easy to talk to. They have help me solve plenty outfit crises's .

I can admit than at least a third of my wardrobe is made up from purchases from divine trash.
And currently they have a third off everything in store, so go grab some bargains.

The sale continues online at
the pictures below are some of my favourites items in store at the moment!!!!


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