Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Buxton Art Trail

my work ^^^^

Emma Fawkners work ^^^^^

Jayne Arundales work ^^^^

Asa Carneys work ^^^^^

Danny Connors Work ^^^^^

Firstly i am soo sorry for being such a poor logger lately. And i want to share some of the things that have been happening in my crazy life lately. Buxton Arts Trail was a amazing success with 140 people coming to my house (which i tansformed into a exhibition) to see my work as well as the work of my friends who are all amazingly talented. i allso made cas and flapjack to intise people into are house of many wonders. i will post some pictures of this with this blog!.

The creatives.
Danny Connor who is probably one of the most focused and willing to learn people i have ever met he has so many bright ideas!! He is going on to study architecture next year.

Asa Carney who is all about fashion he lives and breaths fashion and will no doubt be a successfully fashion designer in the not to distant future.

Jayne Arundale, who is passionate about telling story's through her photography.

And finally Emma Fawner who is an amazing Photographer and captures moments in time with in a camera shot and is all so an amazing friend, and wonder full person, visit her blog at

It was so lovely to meet so many people that are interested in the arts!! and get so much feed back. i met some amazing people and heard some amazing stories.

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