Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Reo Bartosz

Reo Bartosz is going to be the next big thing in photography!!

She is amazing at what she does, and on top of that she is truly beautiful.
Ive been lucky enough to use her as a model and without her advice none of my photography skills would not exist!! ( shes one of the models in my pretty lady products as well as the model in my title image)
She is amazingly talented and determined but i really don't need to write much about that as you will see all of that through her beautiful photographs.
On top of this the reason she is going to go far is she is a wonderfully friendly caring and trustworthy person.
She is 100% genuine person, and that's not so easy to find nowadays.
Visit her website at http://www.reobartosz.co.uk/
Ill stop writing now and let her photographs tell a 1000 words.

1 comment:

  1. Hannah!! You've made me all teary.. yet AGAIN!!
    What you've written is beautiful, I'm very blessed to have a friend like you :)

    Your blogs amazing very proud of you
    Love Love Love Reo