Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Im setting myself a challenge

Because ive not been the best at blogging lately and i am now working on my business full time for a couple of months. I have decided to set my self a challenge. And more so i have to prove that i am doing it through the power of blogging :)!!!
so here goes for the next two months i have too:

  1. blog daily about any excitements

  2. contact the blogger's that inspire me ( at least one a week )

  3. take new photographs everyday, blog at least one photo a day

  4. blog at least one drawing a day ( drawing is not a strong point of mine so this is to improve my skills)

I want my blog for the next few months to turn into a online creative dairy and share things that i usually wouldn't. This is a big challenge for me as i can be a quite private person especially when i comes to my work.

So here goes nothing :) wish me luck!!!!

the picture is from mine and the boys amazing camping adventure :)!!!!!

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