Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Fun to be had in the rain.

Buxton is known for its rain the rest of the country may have beautiful sunshine but not buxton, we get rain. But strangely enough rain is my favourite type of weather i love the heavy rain that feels like it could push its way through your skin.

This past week the sunshine has gone, and been replaced with rain but so much fun can be had in the rain :). Heres the update on my rainy week.
My mum is the wonder of my live, in my opinion the most amazing woman to walk the planet, any way shes been working away allot lately spreading her laughter over the the land of Ireland, so when she came back we decided to go for a girly meal at a tapas bar, then the rains came down, the ceiling leaked and the bar flooded, me and mum as usual sat there with uncontrollable giggles.

Then me and the boy took the mighty max the moose (my beautiful woofter) on plenty of rainy walks where i ran around singing in the rain and the note book style kisses.

Buxton carnival is the event of the year in buxton the whole town adventures out of there houses into the rainy town and consumes alcohol dances smiles and talks to people they haven't spoken to in years and watches the colourful parade filled with pirates, princesses, music, dancers horses and so much more. and this year the arrival of torrential rain. so spent the day running to shelter and spinning round laughing on fair rides and eating bright pink candy floss.

the wellies is my photo
im not sure the source of the others

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