Thursday, 22 July 2010

How should i display my work??

Last week divine trash wrote me a lovely email, and offering me a wonderful opportunity. They offered me to display my work in there shop window or shop semi permanent. I cant actualy explain how excited i got!!!!!!!! They have been so amazing to me they have also offered to have my business cards and if i make flyer's they'll put them in there bags!!! Soooo amazingly wonderfull!!!! I got the email on a day when was beginning to think that i couldn't do this, and i was asking myself why don't i get a normal job, and do the normal teenage thing. But as soon as i saw that email i had my fire and determination back!! This is my dream!

so Ive been thinking of different ways to display my work, painting bits of furniture, making flowers out of old books. and now i would love your opinion on which you like best.

Ive taken Photos of the four options.
and dont forget to visit the divine trash website :


  1. Found your blog via Etsy Manchester.
    Your work is lovely, and I like the display cabinet best :)

  2. I too have found your blog via Etsy Manchester - and I think your items are lovely! I agree, displaying them on the cabinet is a good idea, but the suitcase is a lovely idea!

  3. thankyou :) if you oculd spread the word about my blog it would be fab, soo glad you liked it xxx

  4. never give up on your dream. if you do you're not left with much else in life ♥
    i like the suitcase idea. original yet vintage :)