Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Dear mr polar bear

Dear mr polar bear, today has been very cold...

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

cuz im Under the weather, just like the world

Today I've been feeling a little bit under the weather, and the actual weather outside didn't help its been one of those days where it is dark all day. And everyone seems miserable. I tried again to get photo shop working on my broken laptop and it just loaded for over 3 hours and never opened so i couldn't shrink the photos to upload my new products to etsy or folksy, which was a little bit annoying to say the least.

Ive spent my day designing, emailing and blogging as well as trying to sort the problem of none existent money to expand my business :/, I've been looking into funding which is very stressy anyone got any advice or experience setting up a creative business?

anyway my day has considerably cheered up by the boy picking me up and taking me to his, he has three brothers and the loveliest muma and papa in the world. as you can guess from there being four boys the house is never quite and i love it!! you just cant be miserable in this house as someone will make you laugh whether you like it or not. we've had a BBQ and chilled in the garden while the papa and one of the brothers made a fence. the boy cleaned some fancy car parts and i took pictures of the pretty flowers that have come out over the past two weeks. Its starting to go dark now so I'm sat on the sofa in my Jim jams waiting for big brother to come on :) (my very guilty pleasure, i love it!!)

I'm off camping with all of the boys family at the weekend, im very excited!! there will be 22 of us, ill blog more on that one at some point.
Does anyone know how i can blog from a blackberry??

photos are of the boys mamas pretty garden

Mondays drawing

I watched Tim Burtons alice in wonderland the other night and it has made me really want a tea party , with tea cake and plenty of mad hatters.

Loneliness was tough

Loneliness was tough
The toughest role you ever played
Hollywood created a superstar
And pain was the price you paid
Even when you died
Oh the press still hounded you
All they had to say
Was Marilyn was found in the nude.
Pictures and out takes from my screen print design project.
P.S Marilyn Monroe is a inspiration!

what should be on my packing list for university?

It has only just hit me how soon university is!
my dairy for the next 6 weeks is getting packed!!
it goes something like this:
babysit 3 dogs
away with the boy
visit may lovely gran
friends from Somerset stay at ours
big family holiday with aunties grandparents etc
AND THEN BAM!!! its the 14th of September and I'm off to university and this scares the heebee jeebees out of me! i am going to miss the boy way too much!! but I'm also so excited, about all the opportunity's it will open up for me and for the business More than a Memory!

What are the major things i should defiantly have on my list to pack for university?

Any other tips for the change to university living away from home and all of that jazz?

The boy

My attempt of drawing from saturday

Adventures of the weekend and Car madness

OK so, so far my challenge has not gone well, but i have pretty good excuses!
On Thursday me and the mother found an amazing last minute deal to go to a spa for the weekend, for some muma and baba time before uni.

we set off from buxton at nine, and when we were ten minutes away from the spa which is 2 hours away from our house, we had to stop on the motorway because i get really bad car sickness, when i was feeling slightly better and looking a little less green, i got back in the car and we attempted to start the engine and.... nothing.

we continued to try until we realised nothing was going to happen, so we rang the lovely RAC people, and they said it would be up to 3 hours until anyone would be able to get to us. At this point the heavens open and the rain began. To anyone else this would be hell, but me and mum had wanted to go away without any boys for none stop chat, and chat we did the three hours flew by but the problem was id forgotten breakfast and it was getting on to two o'clock so i was beginning to get pretty peckish :(.

Then i really cheery RAC man named Kevin arrived and did all the car business and then made that scary hissing sucking in of breath noise that makes you feel like you've been kicked in the stomach. and said it was the time belt and the car would have to be towed home and would cost over 700 to repair (trust me are car isn't even worth 700). And that wed have to wait for a RAC man with a tow truck, which would take another hour and a half. at this point me and the mother began to panic slightly, because the thought of traveling the 2 hours home after waiting only ten minutes away from our luxurious weekend to swap cars and drive back was just to much! that would have meant that the whole journey would have taken over ten hours. but luckily when the tow man arrived he told us he'd take us to the spa on the tow truck :) so me and mum became all excited and giggly again.

When we arrived me and mum where overwhelmed, because if you knew me or mum you'd realise spas arn't really where you'd usually find us especially not a four star resort (thank god for last and its amazing deals) my mum spends her days walking through the countryside in wellies and a massive waterproof for work. so we felt so posh!!! it was great!! the room was amazing it had a TV twice the size of our one at home.
Then began one of the best weekends of my life! It was amazing to properly relax which i can admit I'm really bad at and just spend time with my mum!! the best mum in the world may i add.

The picture was what we decided was the cure for a day car madness ;)

Friday, 23 July 2010

Heart and Soul

Some pages from my journal, I'm trying to learn more about what my business means to me and what my aims are for the future. I pour my heart in soul into everything that i do.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The rain continues to pour

I was woken up this morning by the sound of the rain against my window. That has to be my favourite sound in the world, it makes me think, and my thinking turns into inspiration. Today i have been a busy little bee, after waking early in a wonderful mood i started on the displays for divine trash and emailed them to see when was best to pop in. Then continued to but my music on extra loud and dance around as i created new designs a tea party jewellery range. I contacted lots of etsy sellers for advice today and was happily surprised at how quick to respond they where and how lovely there responses where.
Ive joined folksy :) eeee!! check it out at
let me know your thoughts pretty please

I also made a facebook group

I took the mighty moose on a rainy walk yet again.

OOh and my little excitement for today was i re found a blog, i found this blog about 5 months ago and fell in love with it and then forgot to press follow and totally lost it but i stumbled upon it again today yay!!!

Its defiantly worth making a cup of tea or pouring a nice Glass on wine and snuggling down for a good read.
Amazing fashion blog take a sneaky peek at:

How should i display my work??

Last week divine trash wrote me a lovely email, and offering me a wonderful opportunity. They offered me to display my work in there shop window or shop semi permanent. I cant actualy explain how excited i got!!!!!!!! They have been so amazing to me they have also offered to have my business cards and if i make flyer's they'll put them in there bags!!! Soooo amazingly wonderfull!!!! I got the email on a day when was beginning to think that i couldn't do this, and i was asking myself why don't i get a normal job, and do the normal teenage thing. But as soon as i saw that email i had my fire and determination back!! This is my dream!

so Ive been thinking of different ways to display my work, painting bits of furniture, making flowers out of old books. and now i would love your opinion on which you like best.

Ive taken Photos of the four options.
and dont forget to visit the divine trash website :

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Day one

The adventures of Max the moose and the welly bobs!

Im setting myself a challenge

Because ive not been the best at blogging lately and i am now working on my business full time for a couple of months. I have decided to set my self a challenge. And more so i have to prove that i am doing it through the power of blogging :)!!!
so here goes for the next two months i have too:

  1. blog daily about any excitements

  2. contact the blogger's that inspire me ( at least one a week )

  3. take new photographs everyday, blog at least one photo a day

  4. blog at least one drawing a day ( drawing is not a strong point of mine so this is to improve my skills)

I want my blog for the next few months to turn into a online creative dairy and share things that i usually wouldn't. This is a big challenge for me as i can be a quite private person especially when i comes to my work.

So here goes nothing :) wish me luck!!!!

the picture is from mine and the boys amazing camping adventure :)!!!!!

Fun to be had in the rain.

Buxton is known for its rain the rest of the country may have beautiful sunshine but not buxton, we get rain. But strangely enough rain is my favourite type of weather i love the heavy rain that feels like it could push its way through your skin.

This past week the sunshine has gone, and been replaced with rain but so much fun can be had in the rain :). Heres the update on my rainy week.
My mum is the wonder of my live, in my opinion the most amazing woman to walk the planet, any way shes been working away allot lately spreading her laughter over the the land of Ireland, so when she came back we decided to go for a girly meal at a tapas bar, then the rains came down, the ceiling leaked and the bar flooded, me and mum as usual sat there with uncontrollable giggles.

Then me and the boy took the mighty max the moose (my beautiful woofter) on plenty of rainy walks where i ran around singing in the rain and the note book style kisses.

Buxton carnival is the event of the year in buxton the whole town adventures out of there houses into the rainy town and consumes alcohol dances smiles and talks to people they haven't spoken to in years and watches the colourful parade filled with pirates, princesses, music, dancers horses and so much more. and this year the arrival of torrential rain. so spent the day running to shelter and spinning round laughing on fair rides and eating bright pink candy floss.

the wellies is my photo
im not sure the source of the others

We fight thats what we do!

Noah: your bored and you know it. you wouldn't be here if you weren't

Allie: you arrogant son of a bitch

Noah: would you just stay with me

Allie: stay with you? what for? where already fightin

Noah: well that's what we do, we fight... you tell me when i being a argent son of a bitch. and i tell you when your being a pain in the ass. Which you are 99% percent of the time. I'm not afraid of hurting your feelings they have like a 2 second rebound rate. then you're back doing the next pain in the ass thing.

I was watching the notebook for probably the 20th time, because the story inspires me so much. For me my heart rules over my head and i would do anything for love even if that does mean I'm more likely to get hurt, but i am happy to say i have been with 'the boy' for 3 and half years and remain truly madly and deeply in love.

But this doesn't mean we don't fight. and that's why i love this quote from the notebook, because its so true. The people you really love are the only ones that you dare to tell the complete truth too. you don't care as much if you hurt there feelings because you know they will still be there at the day no matter what you say. I think this applys to friendships too, you will only tell your closest friends the honest truth even if it hurts because they deserve to hear it, and you are the only person that they can hear it from without falling apart.

When you truly love someone and they love you , you can scream at each other and you know it will still all me okay, they are the people that you can can scream at and be soo angry with, but if they put there arms around you. you will crumble and hold them in return and suddenly everything feels like it will be okay again.
i dont know if that makes sense to anyone else or if ive explained it right,
Do you follow your head or your heart?

Buxton Art Trail

my work ^^^^

Emma Fawkners work ^^^^^

Jayne Arundales work ^^^^

Asa Carneys work ^^^^^

Danny Connors Work ^^^^^

Firstly i am soo sorry for being such a poor logger lately. And i want to share some of the things that have been happening in my crazy life lately. Buxton Arts Trail was a amazing success with 140 people coming to my house (which i tansformed into a exhibition) to see my work as well as the work of my friends who are all amazingly talented. i allso made cas and flapjack to intise people into are house of many wonders. i will post some pictures of this with this blog!.

The creatives.
Danny Connor who is probably one of the most focused and willing to learn people i have ever met he has so many bright ideas!! He is going on to study architecture next year.

Asa Carney who is all about fashion he lives and breaths fashion and will no doubt be a successfully fashion designer in the not to distant future.

Jayne Arundale, who is passionate about telling story's through her photography.

And finally Emma Fawner who is an amazing Photographer and captures moments in time with in a camera shot and is all so an amazing friend, and wonder full person, visit her blog at

It was so lovely to meet so many people that are interested in the arts!! and get so much feed back. i met some amazing people and heard some amazing stories.